Discover Lycon precision waxing:

Waxing at Pure Beauty - the best wax in SW6!

They say no pain, no gain! But at Pure Beauty waxing is virtually pain free even for those most sensitive parts of the body.
The perfect combination of our expert therapists and the most gentle of all waxes, which is Lycon wax, brings about this joyful   experience!
The science bit:

The Lycon wax used at Pure Beauty is a waxing system that uses only the finest resins, natural ingredients and aromatherapy oils and it can remove some hair as little as 1mm.
 The procedure is quick and oiil is used to soften and leave the skin smooth and silky.

 The only wax worth taking your clothes off for!
lycon waxing

"I came across this salon when I moved to Fulham a couple of years ago, it has a real cosy atmosphere. You are always remembered and always made welcome. I would recommend all the treatments as everything is undertaken with enthusiasm and professionalism. But i have to say for those of you who think waxing is painful you will be surprised it actually isnt!!! Great Staff Great Fun."


"It is a new discovery in the area and I really love this salon - I recommend it for their high quality treatments at reasonable prices. The staff and therapists are helpful, professional and friendly, it is always a pleasure to go there. I had my Hollywood    done here twice by two different therapists and I was very happy with both results so will be a regular in the future. I have to agree with a previous reviewer and say that waxing doesn't have to be a painful experience!"

Lycon Precision Waxing Price List:

Lower Leg



Upper Leg



¾ Leg



Full Leg






Half Arm



Full arm



Back Wax (Men)



Partial Back Wax (Men)



Chest Wax (Men)



Partial Chest Wax (Men)



Additional Wax Treatments:


+ Bikini

+ High Bikini

  + Brazilian

+ Hollywood

Lower Leg

   £ 40.00

   £ 42.00



Upper Leg

   £ 42.00

   £ 44.00



3/4 Leg

   £ 45.00

   £ 47.00



Full Leg

   £ 48.00

   £ 50.00



We offer a discount when purchasing a course of 6 of the same waxing treatments, listed below:


Individual Cost

Course Cost

Total Course Cost

Eyebrow Shape

£ 13.00

£ 11.00

£ 66.00


£ 10.00

£ 8.00

£ 48.00


£ 10.00

£ 8.00

£ 48.00

Full Face

£ 32.00

£ 27.00

£ 162.00


£ 15.00

£ 12.00

£ 72.00


£ 20.00

£ 16.00

£ 96.00

High Bikini

£ 24.00

£ 20.00

£ 120.00


£ 38.00

£ 33.00

£ 198.00


£ 42.00

£ 36.00

£ 216.00

Full Body Wax No Space

£ 167.00



Spray Tanning in Parsons Green

At Pure Beauty Fulham, we offer spray treatment in Parsons Green.
   BeauBronz Tan
  Try a course of three BeauBronz spray tanning treatments including exfoliation and tan lock. Course £100 , saving   £14 .
  Come to Pure Beauty Fulham for a fabulous spray tan before you hit the holiday beaches.
  BeauBronz 3 Step Couture Spray Tan Prices:
Single Spray with Exfoliese and Tan Lock          £   38
3 for £ 100
Beaubronz London

What is BeauBronz, and why do so many people use it?

Ever wanted to achieve that natural sun kissed look but didn’t want to go in the sun? BeauBronz is a little secret passed on amongst friends in the media and beauty industry. There is no substitute! Award Winning BeauBronz is an environmentally aware company, with a progressive approach to the beauty industry. We offer natural spray tanning solutions of the highest quality, none of which are tested on animals at any time in their production.

BeauBronz seeks to provide natural spray tanning solutions that contain luxurious, paraben free and certified organic ingredients. Our tanning products are the finest since they are free from harsh chemicals, drying alcohol, are odourless and can be customised to meet the needs of the client.

Unique selling points:

  • Free from alcohol and harsh chemicals
  • Odourless
  • Long lasting
  • Quick developing
  • Can be customised to suit the needs of the client
  • BeauBronz offers the ‘Holistic Tanning Cycle’, which involves a pre-tan exfoliating spray and a post- tan moisture lock spray
  • Our professional tanning solutions are over 95% natural
  • Paraben Free
  • Contains certified organic ingredients
  • All products have certificates issued by an independent consultant on natural products

Try a course of three Beau Bronze spray tanning treatments including exfoliation and tan lock. Course £100, saving £14.

Tried and Tested 

"I absolutely loved my trip to Pure Beauty. I visited to try out their BeauBronz spray tan and was thoroughly impressed.

The salon itself is beautifully presented, with gorgeous wallpaper and clean treatment rooms. My therapist was delightful- really chatty and friendly. I felt completely at ease, even though I was effectively being spray painted in my underwear.   

the treatment itself was fantastic. Instead of the usual spray-and-leave tanning process I was exfoliated, then spray tanned and then a setting spray was applied to ensure I dried within minutes and left without a smudge. The tan has developed into a lovely golden 'glow' without a hint of orange and it doesn't smell at *all* like chemicals/biscuits/chicken flavoured crisps (all of which I have encountered previously).

The tan comes in three shades so you can pick your 'depth' of colour. I went for the lightest 'English rose' tone as I'm naturally pretty much see through.

Overall I am one very happy (tanned) bunny and will be returning for the same treatment again before a big event I have coming up in August."

~Top Beauty Site 

From a female client's point of view:

"I am extremely pleased with my BeauBronz Spray Tan! For one it is good to know that it appears to have a better ingredient composition and no parabens. It comes in 3 shades and given my fair complexion I opted for the fair one. The tan came out 100% streakless and the colour looks very natural. The therapist was nice but more importantly very competent... paying particularly attention to hands, feet, elbows& knees. I also liked the "fruit exfoliant" that was initially applied to my skin to ensure that the tan comes out more evenly. On the whole, tip top!"
~Katya Nova 

From a male’s point of view:

"The selection for my spray tan treatment was pretty straight forward as they offered the best value in West London as far as I could see on google. I needed a tan for a festival pronto and Pure Beauty fitted me in at short notice: no problem.

The staff were welcoming and made me feel at ease which was for the best as I had to take virtually all my clothes off for the treatment.
I timed the treatment 2 days before the festival which gave just the right time for it to take for max. impact.

It was a good tan and even my best friends didn't suspect a thing until somebody I had confided in let the cat out of the bag but that's an aside."


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