Discover Beautiful Eyelash Extensions at Pure Beauty

For a special occasion or just because you love them, the must have beauty accessory is eyelash extensions to make your eyelashes as gorgeous and fluttery as can be! Pure Beauty can guarantee this in just one hour of your precious time. (Some applications may take a little longer for an extra full set.)

We use our unique procedure which has been perfected throughout 6 years of experience to give your eyes that larger, brighter, open-eyed look instantly without any lotions and potions!
The state-of-the-art semi permanent eyelash extensions lengthen and thicken your eyelashes, defining and framing your eyes making them appear larger and brighter. Perfect for any special occasion or even every day wear!

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The Science Bit:
Your eyelash extensions are attached one by one to your own eyelashes by a highly trained technician.

These eyelash extensions will not fall off until your own eyelashes shed naturally.
Maintenance: Lashes are precious! An aftercare leaflet will be provided after each application. If you want to keep your beautiful eyelash extensions, it will be necessary to top them up every 2-3 weeks, your technician will be able to advise what is best for you.

Wake up bright eyed in the morning, no mascara needed!

Mrs Sherbs

" I went in late March and am v pleased with my eyelash extensions - lovely girl who did them & will definitely be going back for more. Had lots of compliments & sure a few of my friends will also be heading there. & they've lasted really well - still have most of them on more than a month later."


" I was super-impressed with my Eyelash Extensions from Pure Beauty. I have tried a lot of places for eyelash extensions, some cheaper and some dearer, and these were by far the best. A lovely little salon as well. I will definitely be returning!"

Nancy Brown

"I absolutely LOVE this little salon. The staff and therapists are so helpful, professional and friendly and so up to speed with new treatments, I would move in if they'd have me! I've had a manicure here that lasted a good five days without chipping - one day is usually a miracle for me - eyelash extensions time and time again. I've had them elsewhere and can honestly say they're the best I have EVER had. Ask for Lucy or Inna, you won't be disappointed, I promise. See you soon for my top up ladies!!!"

Our Prices:

Eyelash Tint

20 mins


Eyebrow Tint

5 mins


Eyelash/brow Tint


Eyelash Extension

£120 (Full Set - 150 lashes)

£75 (Half Set - 110 lashes)

Top up

30 mins


Patch test


Yumi lashes


Strip Lash application


Inc. Lashes


Knock out' Nails!

OPI, Essie and Shellac

Leading brands in the manicure/pedicure world are all used at Pure Beauty Fulham.
All nail treatments are designed to meet the needs of all nail types.
Choose from one of our variety of nail treatments from file and polish to a long lasting Shellac manicure, whichever you choose, attention to detail is paramount at Pure Beauty Fulham

For that Special Occasion or Holiday Nails, Pure Beauty recommends Shellac. This power polish combines the ease of polish application with the permanence of a long lasting gel.

Just pop into Pure Beauty and leave after one hour with expertly polished nails with a high gloss shine that will last for two weeks!

There is no need to wait around for nails to dry as after the final application the 'dry time' is zero. And best of all there are no worries about chipping the nails!

What could be better?

Our Prices:


45-60  mins



45-60 mins


For French



Shellac nails


with full Manicure/Pedicure


Soak Off


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